What is Ethanedioic Acid and its uses? Where to Buy it Online?

Ethanedioic Acid is a chemical compound with the chemical formula C2H2O4 or (COOH)2 or C2H2O4. 2 H2O or (COOH)2.2 H2O or HOOCCOOH. For industrial applications and purposes, it is also known as Oxalic Acid and belongs to the family of carboxylic acids. In its general form, ethanedioic acid is a colorless, crystalline, & toxic organic compound that is used as research chemicals and some other household uses with proper precautions. It contains two carboxylic acid groups and has good solubility in water.

Ethanedioic Acid is mainly prepared by the oxidation of carbohydrates using nitric acid or air in a laboratory. During the manufacturing process, laboratories use vanadium pentoxide as a catalyst. Carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose, starch, dextrin, and cellulose are used to manufacture oxalic acid at the industrial level. Oxalic acid is also prepared by the fermentation of sugar in the presence of molds.

Uses of Ethanedioic Acid or Oxalic Acid

Ethanedioic Acid is most commonly used in cleaning agents in residential as well as commercial cleaning works. As a cleaning agent, it is used for various purposes such as rust remover, bleaching agent, and stain remover in woodwork. It is also used as an acid rinse in laundries for the removal of stains such as ink and oil. It can easily convert most insoluble organic compounds such as iron rust into a soluble complexion that makes it a popular chemical agent in cleaning works.

In addition to this, oxalic acid is also used as a research chemical to dilute or purify certain chemicals for medical uses. Oxalic acid is also a popular reducing element used in the development of photographic films. It is also used to remove chemical deposits from water during wastewater treatment.

Where to buy Ethanedioic Acid?

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Major Applications of Ethanedioic Acid

Ethanedioic acid, also commonly known as Oxalic acid is an organic compound that is found naturally in green leafy plants, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. In fact, the human body also produces oxalic acid and gets it through the food items that contain this compound. In 1824, a German biochemist Friedrich Wöhler synthesized ethanedioic acid from cyanogen for the first time. However, it is produced on an industrial scale by the oxidation of sugar with nitric acid in the presence of a catalyst. 

Ethanedioic acid is widely used in many applications and industries. However, the most common application of this acid is as a cleaning agent. If you also manufacture products that require ethanedioic acid or doing research on this compound, you can easily place an order with Online Ethanedioic Acid Suppliers in bulk. It is usually traded in solid form and has a white crystal-like appearance. 

Here are some of the other popular applications in which ethanedioic acid is extensively used:

  • Stain Remover

A stain remover is obtained by mixing ethanedioic acid in powder form with the right ratio of water. It is highly effective in removing stains caused by food, ink, grease, and other substances. It is capable of removing stains from different types of surfaces, including wood, and doesn’t impart any damaging effect to them. 

One can easily remove stains from surfaces, such as vinyl, stone, linoleum, plastic, and even bricks. However, one should be cautious while using this acid on floor tiles because it has a tendency to destroy the grouting. In addition, it can also be used to remove stains from fabrics and clothes, but studies have shown that it takes longer than just washing them. 

  • Rust Remover

Another amazing application of ethanedioic acid is as a rust remover. It is used as the main ingredient of different rust removal products. And it can be used to remove rust stains from tubs, sinks, and must rusted metal products. 

  • Polishing Agent

Oxalic acid, i.e. ethanedioic acid is often used in the polishing of different stones such as marble. When used as a polishing agent, it can restore the original sheen of marble and stone. 

  • Bleaching Agent

It can be used as a bleaching agent on both stone and wood. Since wood can change color over time and wear out, using this compound on wood can bring its original color and state.

Safety Concerns While Handling Ethanedioic Acid

Even though ethanedioic acid is used in various daily-life cleaning agents, it must be remembered that it is harmful to human skin. Thus, while handling ethanedioic acid, one must wear proper safety gear, such as gloves and safety goggles. 

Its inhalation and accidental ingestion in any form can result in poisoning and vomiting. Thus, one must not inhale or ingest this acid directly. 

Since it is acidic and possesses chelating properties, it can also burn, nausea, severe gastroenteritis, shock, and convulsion. Even 5 to 15 grams of this compound can be fatal to humans. Thus, it is highly recommended to handle it safely and keep it away from the reach of children and pets. 

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