Chloroacetic Acid


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Chloroacetic Acid

Are you looking for Chloroacetic acid in your country? Asia Chemical Manufacture is one of the top-rated Chloroacetic acid providers in the region. Be assured that you will be getting the best product at attractive pricing. Chloroacetic Acid (CAA, monochloroacetic acid, MCAA) is a halogenated aliphatic carboxylic acid used as a preservative and herbicide. There have been many studies on the mutagenic effects of the acid over the recent years and it has been found that the product can be best used applied in treating plantar warts.

The rate of degradation of MCA by photocatalysis using TiO2 at pH3 is reported to be enhanced under the influence of ozone. We are one of the Chloroacetic acid manufacturers ensuring quick delivery of the product in as much quantity as needed for the client.

Chemistry of Chloroacetic Acid

The molecular formula is C2H3ClO2 or ClCH2COOH or CH2ClCOOH and the molecular weight is 94.5 g/mol. The density of the compound is 1.58 g/cm3

The boiling point of Chloroacetic Acid is 189.3 °C and the melting point is 63 °C.

Chloroacetic acid is carrying a 2-chloro substituent and the role of the compound is as an alkylating agent & an herbicide. It drives from acetic acid and is the conjugate acid of chloroacetate. The solid structure is colorless to light-brown in its outside look and is soluble in water. The compound also sinks easily in water and is combustible. The compound is also transported as a molten liquid and thus can form thermal burns very easily. It has the property of being corrosive in nature and tissue.

The Chloroacetic Acid is transported as a molten liquid and therefore can cause thermal burns. It is toxic by ingestion, skin absorption, and inhalation of dust. It is a colorless solution of the white crystalline solid. The acid concentration can be up to 80%. It is toxic by inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It is used as an herbicide, preservative, and bacteriostat.


We are one of the top Chloroacetic Acid manufacturers in the region with the best features and qualities. It is an organochlorine compound with a chemical name Chloroacetic acid. It is also called monochloroacetic acid (MCA) or 2-Chloroacetic acid or Chloroethanoic acid. It is a Chlorocarboxylic acid that carries a 2-chloro substituent. It functions as an herbicide and an alkylating agent. It is derived from acetic acid.

Chloroacetic Acid Production

It is used as an intermediate in the production of ethyl chloroacetate. It is used as a bacteriostat, herbicide, preservative, and a chemical intermediate. The product used in industrial use in manufactured in two main ways.

The primary method is by chlorinating acetic acid with the help of a catalyst such as acetic anhydride.

CH3CO2H + Cl2 → ClCH2CO2H + HCl

The other method to obtain chloroacetic acid is by hydrolyzing trichloroethylene with the help of catalysts such as sulfuric acid.

CCl2=CHCl + 2H2O → ClCH2CO2H + 2HCl

The material is very toxic and one needs to very wary of it while using it.

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