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Acetic acid is the second simplest (after formic acid) but the most important carboxylic acid. It is a very weak acid that is used in many scientific and research applications. Acetic acid is a colorless organic liquid and also known by the names methane carboxylic acid, hydrogen acetate, ethanoic acid, and Acetyl hydroxide with chemical formula CH3COOH. It has a pungent smell and distinctive sour taste.

The household vinegar is mostly dilute acetic acid with no less than 4% acetic acid by volume in water. However, diluted acetic acid is a very weak acid, the concentrated acetic acid is corrosive in nature and can be dangerous if directly contacts with your skin. You can buy acetic acid here from the best acetic acid manufacturers for different applications as per your requirements.


Acetic acid is prepared by air oxidation of acetaldehyde, by oxidation of butene and butane, and by oxidation of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) on an industrial scale. Today, it is mainly prepared by rhodium-iodine catalyzed carbonylation of methanol.  Pure acetic acid is known as glacial acetic acid.


Acetic acid is an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical because of its properties and nature. Its boiling point is 117.9 °C [244.2 °F] and melting point is 16.6 °C [61.9 °F]. Its chemical structure consists of a methyl group attached to a carboxyl group. It can release a proton after ionization that makes it acidic in nature.

Similar to ethanol and water, liquid acetic acid also has very good solvent properties as a hydrophilic protic solvent. It dissolves both polar compounds (such as inorganic salts and sugar) and non-polar compounds (such as oil and polar solutes). This property makes it a very useful industrial chemical as a universal solvent.

It also has very good antibacterial properties as it can be fully ionized to acetate that is fundamental to all life forms. Because of its antibacterial nature, it is also used in healthcare industries and biochemistry research works.


As a strong chemical reagent and a universal solvent, Acetic acid is used in many industrial and research applications.

  • It is used to manufacture vinyl acetate & esters;
  • It is used as a solvent in various industries;
  • It is used for the purification of organic compounds;
  • In diluted form, it is used in household cleaning, food additive, descaling agents;
  • It is used in the production polyethylene terephthalate that is used in soft drink bottles;
  • It is used to manufacture cellulose acetate for photographic films;
  • It is used to manufacture polyvinyl acetate for wood glue;
  • It is used to manufacture synthetic fibers;

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